Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everything is easier if you are not alone

           One of most important problems that women who want to have an abortion is that they are so scared that they don't tell the truth to anybody. I know that it is very difficult for them  talking with their parents about an unwanted pregnancy. It is probably that your parents would be angry with you for some time but you should think that your parents or your brothers and sisters love you, and they will help you in worse situations. So I am going to tell you a true story.      

            A girl who had a great family was studying in a College in Spain, she was pretty and intelligent and her family loved her. The girl met a boy and she fell in love with him. One day she knew that she was pregnant and she felt afraid because her family were devout. When her family knew the news everybody felt angry and disappointed, but both parents told everybody that she had to be supported by all family. Nine months later was born a beautiful girl, all family were happy with that new member of the family. Actually that family is one of the best family in the world.

            Don't be afraid if you are pregnant. You haven't got a problem, you have a gift but don't forget that your family could help you like that girl.                                                        


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