Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Prayer are being answered!!!!

     Yesterday as a man was pulling up to Planned Parenthood his car hit a metal rod on the curb. This punctured his tire and caused it to go flat. So he went to the volunteer who stands outside of the abortion mill and opens the door. He asked him "do you know where a hardware store is?" The volunteer simply replied no. I quickly pulled out my phone and told him there is one right down the street. I started to realize he intended to park there. The man comes back saying "do you know how hard it is to be black in this neighborhood?" he told me that they would not let him returnt he tool he just bought and it was the wrong size. He went in Planned Parenthood. Then back to the store. So when he got back from the store I asked him, "Are you here for Planned Parenthood?" To which he replied "yeah, I'm here with my girl. she's young and I already have two kids, she's setting up an appointment for tomorrow." I said to him "You know, I was just thinking that you said it's hard to be black and I'm sure in some places it is. I said "Do you know who Margaret Sanger is?" (As the whole block area is named Margaret Sanger Square). He had no idea. After we finished talking. He went inside, then came back outside they sat in the car for almost an hour and a half talking.
     He came back out of my car and started saying "I am so sorry man. I had no idea I am so thankful for you being here. Me and my girl were just talking for a while and we decided were keeping our child.Can me and you please stay in touch and be friends?" I said absolutely. We exchanged numbers. His name is Rah. Keep him and his girlfriend in your prayers. There was also a couple other women i was able to speak with. One was standing outside crying with her boyfriend. I told her God loves you and counseling is available if you just had an abortion. Her boyfriend asked what I said. I told him. He said "no we haven't done it yet. We also don't really want too. I told him about EMC Free Abortion Alternatives and how we offer all kinds of help. They got on the train and went straight there!!! They alo have exchanged contact information with me. They were in a bit of a hurry to leave though as it was very cold.
      So yet another girl was standing outside older. I asked her also if she was there with someone. She told me of how her daughter was coming but she was an hour late. She also told me of how she didn't want her daughter to abort.Yet her daughter wanted to abort and nothing she said changed her mind. Her daughter is 13. The mom took her daughter in when she showed up. She agreed to come out and talk to me some more.
So her daughter did end up having the abortion sadly she began telling me of two neices she has who are also pregnant and planning on aborting I told her where we are what we do. I gave her my number as well. She said she hopes and prays her neices will be willing to go!! I hope these two babies can also be saved keep them in you'r prayers! Perhaps the man who's tire was flattened was answer to prayer. I even told him it could be a sign from God you need to keep this child. He told me of how hard it was to get there to Planned Parenthood. Again please please pray!!!!!

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