Saturday, November 22, 2014


On Wednesday Miss L came into Queens’s office. She is a 16 year old girl whose face and appearance looked like she’s been through a lot of difficult things in her live, nevertheless, she was an easy smile girl and this made me feel a lot more comfortable.
As usual, our talk started with the form. While we were completing it, I tried to take the best out of each question, we talked about her family; how her mother had raised her as a single mom; her friends, her school, what she wanted to study in college, her boyfriend, etc. and then it came the most difficult question to do: “what do you plan to do with your pregnancy?” – “I don´t know” (that’).

– “Why? Why would you abort?” – “I am 16, I am very young, I’m still in High School, I don’t have a job” – “Ok, and why would you keep the baby?” – “My boyfriend wants to keep it, and so does his family” “That’s great, having support is very important, does your mother know you are pregnant?” – “No, but she is finding out today, my boyfriend is telling her” – “What do you think she is going to say?” – “She’ll kill me” – “At first she might, but after that?” – “She will support and help me” – “I’m glad to hear that. What are your personal thoughts about having an abortion?” – “Well, I had one when I was 12 and a second one when I was 13, so I am familiar with the feeling. This year it would have been the first year of nursery school for my older baby” – “Would you be able to go through that feeling all over again?” – “No, I know I didn’t do the correct thing, not for me not for my babies… I don’t know. You are making me think! PERHAPS I’M READY FOR A NEW ADVENTURE” – “You are! and in EMC we can help you!”

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