Saturday, November 8, 2014


Just to let you all know: MY FIRST WEEK IN THE NEW OFFICE IN QUEENS IS OVER!!! Sadly we haven’t had a lot of clients this week, but the ones we’ve had, have been great!!
Early on the week a girl called Tiffany came in. She is 19 and her boyfriend is 18. I asked the boyfriend to wait outside, where I have strategically settle some information down, while I talked to her. She told me that they both work, though they don’t earn too much. He is in High school, she would love to go to college. When I asked what were they planning to do with the baby, she told me without hesitating that they wanted to keep it! After talking I gave her a pregnancy test and then, while we waited, I started to speak to both of them. He had been reading one of our books in the waiting room and had been watching pictures about abortions and of babies that have been aborted, he was horrified, he was repeating over and over: “Babe, we are never going to that ok?? It’s HORRIBLE!!!”

When the pregnancy test came out and showed them that they actually ARE expecting a baby, they were so happy that felt like celebrating, so I accompany them outside, we bought a bun and a juice and have breakfast together.

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