Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Who says boyfriends weren't supportive?


So today I had a wonderful day, a beautiful 18 year old girl came, she wasn't sure wether she was going to parent or not so while she was in the bathroom taking the pregnancy test I started talking to her boyfriend. They have been together for just two months but I asked him if he loves her and he said: "yes, I have been after her for a long time and now I am not going to screw it up by having her abort our baby, we are going to be parents!".

So when she came with the positive test in the hand I asked both of them to watched the video of the abortion procedure and the risks and consequences that it entails and I must say that while we were talking was the boyfriend the one that said the majority of things that helped her changed her mind.

I was surprised because I wasn't expecting such a good reaction so I told them "you are being very brave and you are making the best decision". They left the office very proud of themselves and saying "we know". So I expect them to come back in about three weeks for a sonogram. I'll keep you posted! 

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