Thursday, November 27, 2014

The bad interpreter

Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn office and it was chaotic, we had around fourteen girls in the morning and I was constantly talking with someone, doing a pregnancy test, looking for information for their insurance or in the sonogram room. 

The roughest case I have had so far was the Russian woman's one. She only spoke Russian so I had to let her American boyfriend in, in order to translate the consultation and it was terrible.

We don't allow boyfriends or friends inside the room because we are going to discuss very personal stuff that maybe the girls themselves are too embarrassed to admit in front of someone that knows them and they know that because of the confidentiality agreement that we both signed they are safe and can say whatever they want.

With this girl was all very difficult because the boyfriend was answering the majority of the questions without even ask her or was refusing to translate some things or apparently changed my question into a different one. Anyway, her background was pretty tough: 37 years old, one four years old boy, 3 abortions and a pregnancy that she wanted to terminate (I'd rather say that HE wanted to terminate) because she was only here doing tourism, visiting his boyfriend but on February she had to go back to Russia. 

I told her that if her son was born in the USA they would allow her to stay with the baby here and she would be able to come whenever she want because her son would be an American citizen but it was impossible. The boyfriend said that they only want the abortion and there was nothing in this world that could make them (him) change their mind.

So they left seeking an abortion facility and left me very sad. I hope that woman is doing ok. I'm so sorry for th life of that baby. 

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