Saturday, November 22, 2014

Brothers in arms!

    Yesterday at Planned Parenthood I was able to speak briefly with 5 women...They all still went in and it as quite discouraging. These men here showed up and we began speaking about God and abortion. We exchanged numbers and said they would like  to help. The one man. The bigger fellow was very outspoken. He actually began to call the abortionists babykillers and such. I told him even if it is true we must be very careful how we speak. These girls who are pregnant are already scared enough they want to feel like your on their side. Not Just there because you hate the clinic you must genuinely care about them. This is the only way they will listen to you. Not with shaming them or calling them names.
          He told me of how he had a daughter and he cannot imagine such an atrocity happening to her. The other man spoke of how he would make sure the place was destroyed if he had the money. I told him it wouldn't be that easy. Especially with the history behind the business. So I also shared with them the truths behind Margaret Sanger. How she spoke at KKK rallies and hated blacks and hispanics. They were not surprised in fact they had more stories of their own about rascism to share with me. In any case. I pray that they would join us. Please continue to pray for us and them and against Planned Parenthood and the devil's schemes.

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