Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lies of Abortion industry The pit of death!

            Yesterday in Brooklyn, in the ASA college vacinity on 81 Willoughby st there were a few women who Appeared to be having an abortion eventually a man came out and said "we do not do abortions here anymore,we used to but no longer do i have worked in this building for 20 years and i do not agree with abortions believe me we used to but no longer do." Here are a few of the girls I was able to hand out some of our flyers too. 
                So what I had done was told one of our workers at EMC, (a female) to go schedule an abortion. As i assume they had lied and she was successfully able to schedule an appointment. Mind you she is not even pregnant. But clearly business is just business. Money is money. Lies are lies and that is all this business is. Lies of evil and plotting for money and death.  I have some of the cards with The dcotors names on them in order to set up an appointment. I will post the pictures of the cards when I can. Many girls, most girls would not even so much as look at us. A few were willing to speak with us. I knew the lies an deception behind The Abortion industry. I've experienced many of they're tricks in the past. Including an abortionist who tried running me over with his car.
         A man was yelling at me at the Planned Parenthood on Bleecker street and said he wishes he could have me arrested for disrupting their business. I said nothing back. However I thought to myself I wish you were arrested for the many lives of children you are legally killing and calling it a business. This is very disturbing to me. Please pray for the closing of the abortion industry. Pray the devil's schemes would be thwarted.

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