Thursday, November 6, 2014


Last week it was our last in the office we had in Elmhurst. Each day we had a chair less, a table less, or a cupboard emptied. On Thursday, a couple hours before closing for good, a woman came; she was accompanied by a friend. Her friend (whose name was the same as the district we were in) came up the stairs and rang the bell: “Do you help pregnant people here?”,  I looked at her and then down the stairs and saw a very and merry pregnant lady (Miss S) who couldn’t even come up. I answered “yes” and went down the stairs to talk to her.  Miss S is eight months and a half pregnant.  On her second month she was diagnosed with a risky pregnancy which has held her in bed ever since (skipping doctor’s advice to come to see us). She hasn’t been able to work, there for; she hasn’t got any money to welcome her baby girl!

On Monday, we started in the new office in Jamaica Ave. It took us very little to settle in, though we are going to need, at least, a couple more weeks to adjust completely. Sadly, our first day, no one came in. Nevertheless, I took advantage of it and phoned Sisters of life. I told them about this woman, asked for the resources she needs and gave them her address. 

In this job teamwork is very necessary, because we cannot reach to cover everyone’s needs. It would be impossible, so there is one association for every step in the way. 

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