Saturday, November 1, 2014

two Turnarounds at PP!!

Earlier this week we had several conversations with many women and two of them had agreed to go to brooklyn for a sonogram!!! They are both keeping as of now. This was such great news, it is so good to be used by God in such a way as saving lives. Many are called and few are answered and simply by answering the call to come to NYC for this internship history is being changed!!! One man thanked me dearly as his fiance was in there. He is a Christian and he said he was deeply convicted by my presence there he called his fiance and had her come out to speak with me. She wouldnt speak with me. she was very shy so he spoke he said how they were Christians. So I have been speaking with them on a very regular basis. He was saying it was no coincidence our paths crossed. He constantly thanks me. They are going to be going to prenatal care through EMC!!!
        Praise The Lord for his mercies which are new every day even for those who originally intended on killing they're child. Bad is used for good for those who love him! In this case the intent of planning on killing they're child caused them to meet me and get free help!! Oh how good God is. That is all I can say. It isn't me who's doing this it is him and I will acknowledge him for it. All that has been done has been through constant prayer and I firmly believe that. Very firmly so I ask you to constantly and continously pray for those who work for EMC for wisdom patience a love that is ever growing boldness and integrity. I ask the same for the workers at Planned parenthood.
          I pray they would have wisdom as well and the boldness to quit what they are doing. I believe they already know. In fact I know they know what they are doing. I cannot point my finger at them though. Judgement starts with the house of God and if we are not doing are job how can we blame pagans and merely use them as a scapegoat for our own lack of ambition and self righteousness?! We must first be blameless and Holy in his sight. We must walk in love and truth. My goal here is not to serve EMC, but to serve Jesus. My Lord, My Saviour. He sustains me. He is also the only way out these worker have the only way out these mothers and babies have. Pray fervently for each of them I beg you all dearly. Be generous in your living. Be faithful. Do not give up on these children ,mothers, or abortionists,(they need Jesus too!) please support us. Please stand with us. As we are giving so much. The cause is worth it!!!

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