Saturday, November 29, 2014


  So today a girl by the name of Ana came in. She was very sweet. Yet cold hearted. She already had a sonogram. Her and her boyfriend have been broken up for about a month. She has been thinking of having an abortion for two months she said. The her mind is already made up. Nothing I do or say can change her mind. I showed her the video of an former abortionist. She began to cry. She still wanted to do it even after talking with her about the health risks to herself. After telling her a story of my aunt who had an abortion. And was not able to have children. She said it wouldnt happen to her. It was weird how hard hearted she was about it yet was polite to me and left with a smile. This is a traumatizing experience not just for these girls and babies but also for us please keep us in your prayers.

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