Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Flat tire

This week our work was to try to get as many women from Planned Parenthood to our offices. Josh and me stand in front of the clinic and where handing out our papers and talking them the services we offer in Brooklyn, Queens and in the Bronx. Yesterday we had a great time.

A car arrives at Planned Parenthood. A guy and a woman walk into the clinic. When the guy wants to move the car hit to curve. Flat tire. He was the whole morning upset, moving from one place to another. He had nothing to change the wheel with. He moved from one Hardware shop to another, had no enough money in his pockets. We tried to help him, and he asked Josh what we where doing in  front of the clinic. He was like "you know, I think God doesn´t want me to be here. That's why all this happened to me."

When his girlfriend came out, they where talking into the car for about an hour. When she gets out, our friend came to us and said, "You know guys, we´re going to keep it!" This was the biggest gift we can have. The whole time standing out there in the cold weather was worth it.

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