Wednesday, November 26, 2014


When working at EMC, we do different kind of tasks: answer the phone, make calls, set appointments, counseling in the office, pray at the door of an abortion clinic and of course, speak about our work so that other people can get to know it and try it themselves.
The perks of this job are countless. I learn everyday to listen, to talk, to understand, not to judge, the difference between cultures but more importantly, I learn that every person is different, with their circumstances and their difficult lives. I learn from my co-workers, my research but mostly from the girls with whom I speak every day. Nevertheless, there is a thing that, as an intern, I won’t get to see, and it is the joy of meeting the babies I have saved.

Early this week, on my way to work, I took out on the subway an intake form in black, just to reread it. While I was holding it, a girl who was sitting beside me asked if I worked for EMC and when I said yes, she hugged me and told me: “Thank you guys so much! You saved my baby six months ago” She is having her baby in 18 days from today, so for the intern who did this: Congratulations!

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