Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chicharito has a new fan!

Last day I had my first turn around! I feel very proud of it! A spanish speaking woman, A.R. borned in Mexico called to the brooklyn office. I caught her call and tell her to come to the office to have an appointment. She thought that she was like one and half week pregnant, but after the sonogram we saw she was FIVE WEEKS PREGNANT! After seeing the video about the abortion procedures and her son through the sonogram, she said she didn´t want to get her child murdered in such way. She simply had no idea what abortion was. Now she is happy about her decision, she had three other children and is married, and was going to tell their sons that they where having a new little bro/sis.

A.R. told me that her sons love soccer, and they where big fans of Chicharito, the mexican soccerplayer of Real Madrid. Next June, a new little Chicharito fan is going to be born!

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