Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why EMC?

         When I was in Spain I thought that I was a good person. I went to Mass every Sunday, I helped doing house work and I studied, but I felt that I lived in a place where everything was too easy. I talked with my mother and she told me that if I was not happy with my shelf I should go out of Spain and do something that could help people. My sister had been in New York two years ago and she told me that helping women who want to have an abortion was the greatest thing that she had done in her life.

         I came to New York a month ago. Now I can say that I agree with my sister. Sometimes I feel frustrated because of my horrible English, and think that I could do more. Even with this problem, a few clients have changed their decision after talking with them. That makes me feel better than a general who has won a battle. It feels wonderful when I work for this great family called EMC.   

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