Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anonymous Heroes

          Sometimes, when the day is over and I am at home, I think that I am fighting a lost battle. Fighting against abortion in a country where it is a free and legal choice is like a battle between a fox and an elephant. When I can't convince a girl to keep her baby I feel frustrated, but when I do, I could open a bottle of champagne. I have to say that winning a battle here is more difficult that anything you could imagine. But when I think that everything is against me, "they" give me hope.

          They are people that help us with their prayers or their silent support, I call them anonymous heroes, few days ago I met one of them. I was praying near an abortion clinic when a car stopped in front of me, a man told me that I was doing a great work and he was proud of people like me. His name is Enrique, he is from Colombia and he has got a beautiful wife and a lovely son. He told me that he prays every Saturday in front of that clinic for all of those mothers that they can't understand that a baby is the greatest gift that a woman could receive.

             When I meet one of these people I feel that I am not alone in this fight. Thank you very much to all of you.

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