Saturday, November 8, 2014

My first week at EMC

A week has passed since I arrived for the first time in my life to New York City. Coming to New York is like déjà vu, you already know the places because of the movies. The city is incredible and the people over here are very awesome, but our aim here in the city was... to get bring more awesome people to life.

My name is Fernando Fanjul, I've been studying law for the last four years, and doing actually a course focused on Movies and Films. I'm an enthusiastic of movies and theatre and I love to act. What makes me really happy is to help other people. EMC offers me, not only helping other people, it helps to bring people to life. I'm going to stay in NY for three Months.

During my first week at EMC, Chris and Kathie helped me to do my job as good as possible. I've been in the Brooklyn office reading, watching videos related to abortion procedures, handing papers out in front of abortion clinics and assisting to my first appointments. The first time I did one on my one was last Tuesday, with the presence of Nicole the nurse, and after that, with Sarah.

My first impression is that the woman who came to EMC are begging for help, even if they don't know it. Abortion is the last way they would go throw, but they really don't know the alternatives. Therefore we are here, to help them and to explain that there are alternatives, real alternatives, free abortion alternatives.

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