Saturday, November 22, 2014

No healthy? Kill them

          Have you noticed that there are not a lot of child's with Dawn's Syndrome? I am going to tell you the truth. Nowadays we have the best technology for knowing all about a pregnancy, sonograms are one of the best things of these, we can know the size of the babies, hearing their hearts and knowing if they are sick. Now a lot of pregnant women have an abortion because they don't want a sick baby.                                                                                                                                                   It is ironic that when somebody finds a cat with a broken leg he feels sad, sometimes he helps to that cat. That is the truth in this world, a hurt cat is more important than a human baby. Greenpeace says the we are monsters because we allow that thousands of threes are cut every year, but they don't say anything when in the United States are killed three thousand of babies every day. Abortion doctors say that if you baby is not healthy kill him, your next baby could be healthy. You are not healthy doctor, you are crazy and you should go to a madhouse, because nazis killed babies too because they said that their race were not the best.

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