Sunday, November 30, 2014


This has been a different week. On Thursday Thanksgiving. On Saturday, my birthday. This, apparently, is a week to be thankful: for what we have, for the people we know, for the experiences we have, for the lives that touch us and the lives we touch, for the family, for friends, for chances, for choices, FOR LIFE.

On Friday Miss K came in, she is 24, married and mother of a three year old kid. She had an abortion performed in 2013 and, shockingly, she has had 12 miscarriages. She has a problem with progesterone, and needs to be treated from day one of pregnancy. Last week she was been treated in order to keep the baby, but this week she wanted an abortion. When I asked the reason, she told me that she was moving to another house and that timing was not a good one (sorry for the word, but: bullshit!). I used the emotional pain of the miscarriages and we talked about post-abortion syndrome, nevertheless, I was shocked with her answer: “When I have a miscarriage, I feel that I have done something wrong and that’s why I feel so hurt and guilty. With the abortion it was easier” SORRY????? Then I told her that that it’s not true, that the difference between an abortion and a miscarriage is that with the first one YOU KILL YOUR BABY, while in the second one YOUR BABY DIES for one reason or another. After speaking for a while, I recommended her to go back to her doctor (she has an appointment this week) and check that she is ok, she agreed to go, though she believes that she will change her mind if she does. Let’s hope that she does, let’s hope this doesn’t turn into her 2nd abortion or her 13th miscarriage.

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