Thursday, July 23, 2009


Her name is Darlene, she is from the US and lives in The Bronx. I gotta say that her situation is not the best possible and we knew that before start talking to her. But as we know and use to say...God only bless the ones that chose life...
She was abortion mindee when we got her, she already had one like a year ago and the baby was pretty big, 20 weeks when he decided to finish with her pregnancy. She really regrets that now, now that she knows what abortion is and what abortion did to her BABY and her BODY.
We talked to her, for a really long time, we showed her videos and all that information that might crush her heart. At the beginning she was speechless, but not in a good way, but suddenly her heart got open and she started to cry like never before in her life.
It was a really intense and complete moment, when you know that you have reached someone else heart.
She was ready for a sonogram, because really in her heart she really wants to keep thaty little baby, that baby that now we know is a LITTLE GIRL
I asked her to text me when she was out from the sonogram and of course she did. Hers is the first REAL turn around that I have had in collaboration with Sofia.
Darlene's case will always be in my mind and in my heart.

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