Sunday, July 28, 2013

San Antonio here we go

Today Belén, Elena, Maca and I have arrived in San Antonio. After a month in Austin, we are all very exited to be here and have the opportunity to reach out to many other girls in this city. 

While we are here not only are we going to open a new office for EMC, but we are also gonna collaborate with other prolife organizations. The family in whose house we are staying is very involved in the pro-life movement, and they have another pregnancy crisis center, so they have offered to share some of their resources with us. Thanks to that we can offer baby supplies and free sonograms to our girls. 

Everyone in San Antonio seems very nice and willing to help us in whatever way they can, and I would like to thank them all. 

We are enthusiastic about this new journey and hope to get good results.

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