Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My best hero.

We called hero to a man that for his feat or virtues performs a heroic action. Superman, Spider-rman, Batman, Inspector Gadget, Benji, Power Rangers, among others, are heroes to many of us, our childhood heroes.

We consider them heroes because they fought and won. But to beat first fought. They fought to overcome difficulties. Nobody said being a hero does not involve effort and, if necessary, a tear. Spider-man in a red suit and blue gets beat Venom, one of its most dangerous enemies, having overcome many drawbacks. 
However, my best hero I've met in the office of Queens, Richael, a  little woman with sweet smile, who managed to win, despite difficulties, one of which would be its most dangerous enemies, the abortion.

She is my hero, for her courage and her eternal smile. She is my hero, for her ability to learn and love. She Know that their values ​​are above that all things which tried to impose her.
She get to the office accompanied by her boyfriend, as usual was scared. A positive pregnancy test confirmed what both feared. After providing all the information about their options, she decided that the right was to keep her child. She understood that abortion was not the solution to her problem. Her boyfriend, to this change in attitude towards pregnancy, began an intense discussion in the office who decided to hang up on the street.

I wondered what she was. I could not contact her. Her boyfriend had crossed her phone number of my blade. However, it had been a week and it was she, with his eternal smile, which appear for the office again. She wanted a sonogram and a good boyfriend, for which we pray. She deserves it.

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