Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anger and Anguish


    We’ve all ran into it: that worker or passerby who just won’t let up.  Curses and cusses run liberally and you’re left feeling like you need to take a shower to wash off the filthy language that’s just been flung at you. 

    What is often our first reaction is almost always wrong: “Oh yeah?  Well same to you!”  Not in those words, perhaps, but I’m sure we’ve all in situations like what I’ve described felt the urge to offer a little spleen back at them. 

    We can’t give into that temptation.  I quite believe that it is those people who are in need of the most love and tenderness—possibly even more than the women entering the clinic.  These are the people who I believe have already been involved with abortion.  Either a sin they themselves committed or one they led a loved one into or one another committed that took the life of their child without their consent—whatever the circumstances, somewhere along the way of their life they have been deeply wounded by the abortion industry and are suffering. 

    Our reaction to their hostility should be of gentle love—however unnatural that will feel at the time.  Resist the urge to argue, however right you are and however witty that response you just thought up.  I’ve fallen into this trap too many times.  It doesn’t help—that’s not the kind of help they need.  The deed has already been done and deep down they already know its wrong (that’s why they are suffering), so arguments will be of little value.  They are in need of compassion, so that’s what we must give them if we can.

    May the Lord in His agony have mercy on us and on those poor suffering souls.

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