Friday, July 26, 2013

Light that shine

The other day, the group of interns of Florida went to the Miami Catholic Radio Station in order to participate in a program called "Contento Señor, contento. Contento Señor en paz". There I learnt one lection, one beautiful lection.

Our goal in the program was to present ourselves just the way we are and explain to the people who were listening to us why we were in Miami working for EMC and co-working with the Human Life International. Our testimony must impressed a woman, who called to the program and said to us that we were some lights in this world that iluminate little parts of the world, but the main thing she said was that we must keep our work and spread the word worldwide because somehow we may act as a match and create smalls lights in the people who listen to us and think as us and maybe that people start working for the good of the world.

Maybe it's the time to work all of us together and encourage the people who have the same principles but live with fear in the darkness. 

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