Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Because it happens

Pro choices proponents defend abortion claiming that in a difficult situation the best thing that a pregnant woman can do is have an abortion in order to have a better life, reaching their goals and doing whatever they want without anything holding them back.
  Cleveland, a few days ago, I met a woman who had a very complicated life. In her family there was a lot of violence, her father had problems with drugs and alcohol so she had a hard childhood. At the age of 18 she got pregnant, she told to her mother, they decided to have an abortion so they came into an abortion clinic. There the staff prepared her to do it, she was a little bit surprised because of the people that work there, they all looked unhappy and they were rude with her, she didn’t like the atmosphere. When she was lying on the table she got very nervous and she start to have doubts about having the abortion. Finally when she saw the baby on the sonogram she decided to have her baby, so she left the abortion clinic.
Over twenty years after this event, this woman has a great job and a great daughter who is studying in a good college; also she is right now in front of some abortion mills fighting against these crimes. In conclusion she has a good live and she is a happy person too.
As far as I've observed, especially from this woman, I don’t believe that having a child in a hard environment ruins a life. We are there because it happens.

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