Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Secret EMC Agents

One mission has been given to Blanca, Belén, Maca and I. To go to St. Williams parish to make a presentation about EMC. 

It was a very risky mission, because our exposition It was going to be heard by quite important people of other kind of prolife associations. But... The duty was calling us. 


When we arrived there, we meet Father Dean, the priest that it was going to lead the meeting, also, we meet the other people that was there too representing their prolife associations. We started to talk about EMC, we where from, what were we doing in Austin... Each of us talked about the EMC matters, and when we get finished, everybody was pretty surprised and interested in our work here.
Then, everybody started to talk about different ideas that were been brought up. The main issue that called my attention was that everybody was fighting and making huge efforts to get to stopped the abortion. I mean, each member of that meeting, was furthering for a common cause. 

Sincerely, in that precise moment, I realized that when people gather together to fight for a just cause, they can make great things. Well done agents!

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