Monday, July 22, 2013

The feeling of HAPPINESS.

Today we went to a mother’s house to pick her up and drop her to a car insurance agent. When we got to her house we had to wait for at least 20 minutes. Enough time to have an interesting talk with her. She already has two little girls. While we were playing with the two-year-old, she was asking us what we were doing here in the United States. We explained to her our volunteering and so she asked us: “Do you guys believe in abortion?” She told us her situation and ended up saying that she’d prefer an abortion than not being able to give a good life for her child. At that moment, we kinda interrupted her and said: “Only God has the choice for your child’s life. You cannot predict a bad life for your baby. HE only knows the answer, and if God wants this baby to be born, he’ll be born”. […]
After giving her a ride to her house we received a message. It was the mom. She just wanted to thank us for the ride and that she would like to stay in contact with us. She also said that her two-year-old was sad when we left. How can we feel after that? We answered her telling that we’d love to go for lunch any time and that we’d love to stay in contact with her, too.


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