Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Florida is Catholic

When I got to Miami I was told that this state and mainly this city was not catholic, was not worry about "these kind of issues". Two weeks later I must say that it was completely wrong.

This last Saturday I was at an abortion clinic (curious is that the number of this place is 666) praying for all the unborns, their mathers and for the end of abortion. But I wasn't alone, three other interns were by my side and also a big group of catholics from Miami, who every Saturday morning go to the same clinic to pray too.
Even more, most of the cars who passed by, make a big noise with the claxon to show us their support.

Rachel's project is so big here in Miami. There is a great help to the women that had have an abortion to make them see the mercy of God and that there is life and light after darkness. This project even have a little (but enough space) in the catholic newspaper of Florida.

So I do know by own experience that the "sunny state" do want to end the abortion. 

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