Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brand new concept: turn-over car

This is the story of my experience of last Saturday at 666 abortion clinic in Miami. This is of course a real story about good work, well done and done with real faith.

At an abortion clinic, prepared interns try to do sidewalk counseling, which is pretty hard mainly because the women who are going to an abortion clinic the only one thing that have in their minds is have that abortion. But there is a plus factor which is that in most clinics you have to enter by car. Well, this clinic especifically it's entrance is only by car so pro-lifers stand outside and pray. Pray for the innocents unborns, for their mums and for the people who work at this places.

What happened this last Saturday was that while I was there with a group of around 25 pro-lifers praying the rosary four cars with women inside who apparently were going to have and abortion, get inside the clinic. We prayed louder and stronger, all together asking God for help and it did work! Every single car which entered that morning last one minute inside that evil place. The good news are that an abortion cannot be done in less than one minute even more if the woman doesn't get off the car.

So, yes it did work. 

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