Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prayer warriors

Today we have had the chance to participate in a training session for side-walk conselling.

One of the volunteers of the San Antonio Coalition for Life came down to the office and helped us prepare for the different situations we may encounter while at the doors of any abortion mill. 

As we know, abortions are not performed every day at every clinic, so we need to know in advance where to go and be ready for everything. 

First of all, she reminded us the basic rules of side-walk counselling, those being
  • Always be peaceful and respect the rules, never stand on the clinic's property
  • Remember that we are there to help mothers, fathers, workers and babies and support other pro-lifers
  • Focus on side-walk counselling, it is not the time to socialize
  • Be prepared and bring literature
  • Do not be discouraged
After that, she gave us some examples of what we could say to make an impact on the girls and make them wanna come tall to us. 

Finally, she provided us with some extra materials and gave us some tips to make packages with different leaflets to hand out to the girls or their boyfriends depending on what they come to the clinic from. 


She also reminded us the importance of praying and encouraged us to do so at all times to find the right words to say and to seek help when we are standing there.


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