Saturday, July 27, 2013


Today at Emily's I realized the great significance of regret.
After spending the morning in front of Emily's, when no more girls would be coming in to get an abortion, I went to the back. A woman came out of the clinic, she was the mother-in-law of one of the patients. She didn't approve the girl's decision about having an abortion, and was really sad about the fact, but she was there to give her support and take her home. She said she didn't like the place.
After a while talking with her, it turned out that she was really interested in what we work for, and thanked us for it. With a sad face she accepted the pamphlet, telling me there's nothing we could do, the procedure was already going on. ''But we also offer after abortion help!'' I told her. I could see in her eyes that somehow her heart was relieved. ''Thank you, then we have a chance.''
When the girl came out they both started crying. I haven't seen such sadness in a long time. But I saw something else too: regret. That feeling that will prevent her from having an abortion again. Three more girls came out crying. We never know what will happen with the girls that come out of the clinic. Sometimes they seem as stubborn and sure as when they went in, but many others come out destroyed. These tears are a first step, when their hearts realize their maternity.

We can only pray, and although we'll probably never see the results of our prayers, we have hope, because it's never too late for realization and healing.

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