Saturday, July 27, 2013

picnic with children and bubbles

Last sunday, in Cleveland, we had a picnic with some families that came together three years ago, who recently joined forces to bring us here. Everybody was just great, we played baseball, football and we ate a lot of burgers and hotdogs. After spending some time with the families, we gave them a speech, explaining what we were doing, fighting against abortion clinics, keeping in touch with pregnancy centers and trying to establish a new office there, in Cleveland. I still get surprised about how people realise that this war is important, that it matters, and that they are here to help. After the picnic, some families decided to give us plenty of food and some money, even invited us to the Niagara Falls! Now you can see that this people are there to give you help, that in this fight we are not alone.I can not imagine being in a better country, or even imagine better people. Maybe because what we are doing, maybe because just the way we are with them, or maybe, just maybe because we are doing things right

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