Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today in the office we had an appointment with a sixteen years old girl. At first it was afraid and she came because she want her first abortion. In the 5 first minutes it was difficult to try to make her trust in us but al least she was comfortable and tell us what´s going on. She had already have a baby who was born 9 months ago. She was confused because she didn´t know 100% if she was pregnant. After the pregnancy test, we watched a video about the different things methods of abortion.

After watching the video she decided to keep the baby She told a phrase that is thruth "I´m not going to do that, I don´t have the right to kill the baby". She went from the office with a big smile and knowing what to do.

After the counseling, I thought about this girl and despite of her problems she know what an abortion was. If a 16 years old girl is conscious of  the horrible thing that is abortion, is something that all people know but they prefer to think it is nothing and avoid the real situation.

I´m learning with the counseling ´s what the girls feel and to help them

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