Monday, July 29, 2013

Conference with OSA - God uses all kinds

The Truth Truck
    We spent a couple of days at a conference with another pro-life organization called Operation Save America.  We met lots of great people who share our passion for protecting and defending the unborn. 

    This organization comes at the issue of abortion from a different angle (as do pretty much all pro-life groups—no two are alike, it seems).  Far from the subtleties which EMC uses to attract women they utilize a head on and unambiguous method. With large graphic signs and speakers blasting the Good News of the Lord and religious music, they cry out to women of the love of the Lord for them and appeal to them to spare their babies from death. 

    Can I fault them for their use of “shock factor”?  Not really—not when you hear of their turnarounds.  The fact is that after working with and beside many different pro-life groups in the U.S. this summer I have realized that it is not about which organization you represent—God uses them all.  I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way (excepting certain extremes, perhaps) but rather right and wrong people. 

    If you prepare yourself spiritually—for again, this is a spiritual battle before it is anything else—God can and will make use of you to help women and save babies no matter how well or poorly or quickly or slowly or loudly or silently you head into the battle.  I believe the most honey-tongued sidewalk counselor, if inadequately prepared spiritually, will fare more poorly in the work to save live and hearts than the most awkward counselor who attends daily mass, prays hard and often, and goes to frequent confession to keep himself right with God.  It is a SPIRITUAL battle, so the accidents come second to substance (students of philosophy, please don’t kill me for stretching the meaning of that last bit...).

    So is OSA’s approach one I would take?  Probably not.  But it works nonetheless, because the warriors understand the battle and know how to prepare: stay close to God.  I was happy to hear several speakers making it abundantly clear that the battle we are fighting is a spiritual one and that our fitness as vessels is the primary concern if we wish to be any use in saving lives.

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