Thursday, July 25, 2013

St William´s Parish in Austin

Hello everyone!
Here in Austin we have been in a prolife meeting at St William's Parish, making a presentation about our work with EMC. Four of the interns (Maca, Elena, Blanca and I) we went to the Parish were there were a lot if prolifers waiting for us to know about our organization, and they were so interested in our work. They told us that it's amazing our working here, and incredible that we have come from Spain to do this work during our holidays in the summer, but we told them that it's a gift for us to could be here! And we feel very gratitude to have this oportunity! We told them about our work at the capitol last week, and about our offices in NYC and all arround the states. There was a lot of different people at the meeting, whit the priest at the head of the group. They told us too to carring on praying for the unborn babys and they encouraged us to move this kind of work in Spain when we go back. They were so interested about the abortion in Spain, our laws and everything, and we explain all the differences from here. They also invited us to participate in their meetings!


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