Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Born in the Usa by Bruce Springsteen. Most of you all have heard this song. Most of the american citizen can say that they were born in the USA; but what about those who couldn´t say it because someone didnt want them to be born?  What about those who didnt have the chance to speak? To laugh, to sing, to play, to study , to be part of a family ...? 
And what about us? yes, us, who do we think we are? Are we trying to be God? To decide who lives and who dont? Why should we decide that when our mothers choose life? 
The women´s problems haven´t started in this century. Our mothers and our grandmothers also had problems ( economic problems for example) but they never give up , that is why today we are here. That generation was a strong generation that fight for a better world, crowd of young people, young smiles and lots of baby´s cries. Why do we have to change this? is it necessary? What´s going to be next? Are we going to choose the colour of the eyes of our sons or daughters?
Come on, lets thing about it, is this the future we want for our kids? 

                                          FIGHTING FOR A WORLD FULL OF YOUTH

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