Monday, July 22, 2013


Las Friday I went to our office in Austin with Belen and Elena. We were talking and drinking coffee when a girl knocked the door. 
We opened the door and a girl who was 20 years old with a worried face came in. We started talking to her . She was 3 months pregnant and she had a baby when she was 18. She was abortion minded , because she couldn't feed another mouth. She felt alone. We explained to her the potential side effects of the abortion . The more I talked to her about abortion , the more scared she felt. That's when I decided to hold her hand. She started crying. She said that she wanted to have that baby but she couldn't afford it, also she had some family problems. We talked about adoption but she said that that would be harder. She kept crying. I asked her about her son's name, and I told her to tell me things about him. While she was talking about him she couldn't stop smiling , that's when I said: - see? You can't stop smiling when you talk about your child, won't you think you will be happier with you kids? 
I gave her and appointment for the free sonogram, she said she will text me after the sonogram to tell me about her final decision. 
She had the appointment today , and I keep waiting for her text message. 
When I said bye to her I gave her a big hug , said to her how brave she was and I gave her and advise : - at your sonogram appointment just listen to the heartbeat of your baby, that might help you. 

Lets pray for her and her baby .

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