Sunday, July 28, 2013

Not so good days

Our work at EMC brings us many satisfactions some days, but it is not easy sometimes, when after all your effort, the girl chooses abortion.
As you may know, we opened an office in DC to attend girls there. We have had good news some days, bad news others. Last friday was one of the latter.

The day started with our arrival at the lobby of the office, where a woman was waiting for us, asking for an abortion. We walked her into our office and tried to start filling the form, but she was very nervous, asking for the abortion. She was so insistent that we had to tell her we didn't perform the actual abortion, and she reacted with very bad manners, saying that she was losing her day coming to talk, and what she wanted was an abortion. I tried to give her a brochure, but she wouldn't talk to me!
She left really angry and mad at us.

Our second client was an 18-year-old woman with her mother. She wanted an abortion because for her that was the normal thing to do when you are not "ready" to have a kid. Her mother had 2 abortions, and used to work at an abortion clinic. She considered that "experimenting" was a normal thing at her doughter's age, and the abortion the solution to a potential "problem". We talked to her, explaining her the risks and trying to make her understand that even if she didn't want a kid right now, the kid was already there!! and it was her choice to keep it or kill it. The mother said: "kill it", as the normal thing to do. So they left, convinced mother, not so sure doughter, who asked for a brochure with more information about abortion. I hope she listens to her heart and not so much to her mother...

The day wasn't going very good, when Carolina told us that a 20-week woman pregnant was coming to the office.
She was 21 and came with her boyfriend, and a sonogram. We showed her photos of how her baby looked like already, and talked about other issues, such as money or work. The boyfriend had lost his employment but was looking for a new one, so money wasn't rally the problem. He kept saying that there were other issues, but wouldn't explain any further, so it was difficult for us to help. They watched the video about the abortion procedures, but they

were convinced that they wanted an abortion, a kid right now was "the worst thing that could happen to us". And she was 20 weeks pregnant!!! I couldn't believe it.
We did our best, we spent an hour and a half talking to them about other options, about what an abortion would mean for them as couple and for her as woman... but they wouldn't react.

They left, and let us with a deep sadness inside, praying for the babies that would never be born and their mothers, and hoping that some kind of miracle will make these girls change their mind...

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