Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi!!This days I had been in Emily´s,an Abortion Clinic in the Bronx.At 7.30am the women come into the Clinic.We try to stop them and talk with them,give alternatives.A few of them arrive alone,with the money in the hand and looking the floor.They know that something is not right in that decision.
The pro-choise people,who are in the door open it,are unpolite.They defende that the women are the owner or their body.The father of the baby can´t give their opinion about the situation.Maybe he wants to sopport her.So,the pro-choise don´t lend them a ¨choise"
I talked with a girl,but her situation is terrible.She thinks sehe doesn´t have another way to solve the problem.
I spent 30min talking with a woman.She ísn´t be inform about the ramifications and the procedure of getting an abortion.
The ramifications of get an abortion are for the rest of their lifes.

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