Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thank you Mis Diane

A week ago I returned from Baltimore where Almu and I have been three weeks there in Mis Diane's house. I was waiting to have enough time to write this post and thank you her for all the time she has had both of us there.
We felt as if we were at home, we felt very comfortable and that permitted us to do much prolife work. She has been an example of prolife person: giving up many plans on Sundays to write (she writes in a prolife journal as one of many other prolife things), wondering each day with a lot interest what had happened at Planned Parenthood, etc.
She also took us the 4th of July with his family to spend all the day at a house in Pennsylvania where we met all her ​​granddaughter Regina very well, who also told us about the prolife work she has done.

To conclude, with this post I wanted to thank you, Mis Diane and all who are hosting EMC interns in different states, because thanks to you we can expand our side walk counseling and open new offices all over the estates.

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