Monday, July 29, 2013

Abortion is not an option!!

Everyday we have the same routine, young women come to our pregnancy center and ask for an abortion. They don’t care about the risk, effects or even if the baby is going to suffer pain., they just want to know how much an abortion can cost. Today I want to explain to all these women the possible effects that they can find after the murder of those unborn babies.

On one side, in short term, they can have serious emotional effects such as anxiety, depression… and even some women can have suicidal thoughts. Other complications that can appear are: rupture of the uterus, hemorrhage, infections …

Moreover there are some complications that appear in a long term such as:
-         Higher risk of breast cancer
-         Future babies can born died
-         Future natural abortions
-         Complication in future pregnancies

I hope this post can help those women to choose LIVE!!!

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