Saturday, July 27, 2013

Radio station

The day before yesterday, the Miami crew and I had the pleasure and opportunity to be part of a wonderful event.

We were called to assit at 9:00 pm as "special guests" to a catholic radio station named "Radio Paz 830AM" to spread the world what we are all exactly doing in Miami. To talk about our prolife internship, how we work at the downtown Miami's office, how we do sidewalk counseling, and most important, to talk about our selfs.

Radio Paz 830AM it's a very famous catholic network that broadcast all around the world. Countries such us, Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and more.
And on Wednesday it's the prolife day. So that same day the radio programme it's all about life.

Going to a radio station plus talking about our selfs and knowing that lots of people will be listeting to us, made me feel scared. But it was such an experience! 
I could not believe that thousands of people were listening to us!  Even at that particular time, from 9:00pm to 12:00am! Isn't that great?

At the first time I was so nervous but the people at Radio Paz were so nice and pleasant that right after I started to speak they made me feel so comfortable. So I was not very shy at all. 

We recieved lots of calls from people that wanted to thank our work we are doing in Miami and sayed that they were very grateful to us because of our work and that we spread to the world hope and joy. 

One beautiful lady called and the very moment she talked to us she started to cry. She could not believe that four foering students on their summer vacation came to the US to work on a prolife internship. 

All I have to say is that you do not need to thank us. Thank God that made us come here and to EMC that made us the opportunity to defend life and the innocent babies.

PS: We are invited to "Radio Paz" again to come back and keep sharing hope and joy.

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