Saturday, July 27, 2013

Maryland Face the Truth Tour 2013

This week, Javier and I have joined the group DefendLife on a tour through Maryland. What we were doing, basically, was to get everyone in line along some stretches of road holding different giant pictures of abortions and things like that.
We were doing three stops each day at different locations. All the places we stopped were enough busiest sites, shopping areas especially in rush hour.
We were, more or less, as 25 people still, and then on every location more people joined us, in total we would like more than 40 people at each stop. Most were young people, university students, also entire families with children and older people and we all moved by bus. we also had a  truck supporting us, which, on each side of the trailer, took pictures of abortions and more information.
The first stop was 7:30 to 9:30, after we had Mass, as most we were Catholics, and we had breakfast. The second was from 11:30 to 13:00, then we had lunch and a chat with different speakers of the pro-life world. The last stop was 16:30 to 18:00 and then, we finished the day with a picnic dinner at the home of people, more or less powerful, wealthy, at least, they were also related to our movement, on Thursday, for example was home of a congressman.
The tour also accompanied us quite famous member of the group Priests for Life, Fr Dennis Wilde, we confessed us that Spain fascinated him on a visit he made several years ago.
From the beginning we were very good attendence, as though we were many people, the Spaniards were the focus of attention. They seemed incredible that we had come from Spain to do what we were doing, they were very grateful.
It was a great experience, and very nice, because when the tour ended many of them offered us their help and even their home for what we needed, they also gave us their phone numbers, address ...

As I said, a great experience.

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