Thursday, July 25, 2013

I will bring you the smile you need mom.

Its a very hot and busy morning in Brooklyn and usually, a girl with sad but decide voice walks in saying, "I have no insurance and no money, I saw that you were doing free abortions, can I have it right now,". I look at her and while I am praying I am thinking and imagine on how sad is gonna be her story to bring her here that way.

I sit her, we talk and she gives me information about her. yes, 2 kids and  8 abortions.. 12 years with her husband and very poor marriage relationship.. of course here there is something wrong. I feel awful, so sorry for her.. her answer to all those abortions was that you know, when you have sex that what happen but she already has 2 kids. I try to make her know all the pain and sickness she already has after this But she seems knowing everything and not caring about it.. She is trying to make herself strong that was my feeling.

She is about to leave, she doesn't wanna waste her time but suddenly we start talking about her relationship with her husband and her family. of course is something wrong on that.. she is a great mother, a great woman, a great person, thoughtful,charming.. but 12 years ago she got an arranged marriage..of course something was telling us with just looking at her eyes.. she shows pictures of her family, beautiful kids, beautiful table full of homemade food, and the looking of her husband tells everything. She starts talking about her lack of family love, she misses her mother, she is afraid, scared, her life has not been easy at all.. but she has her two beautiful kids.

The final question, now, do you want that baby to live? it would be your last chance.. She puts her face down and says.. YES. 

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