Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Following the EMC expansion project we have to offer a grain of sand in Cleveland. What we learned at conferences helps us improve our sidewalk councelling and encourages us to continue.

Many women visit abortion clinics. Many kindly stand with a smile and listen carefully to what you tell them but there are also many who do not want anything from you. Sometimes you can listen things like: Do something better with your time.

So I wonder if I can really do something better with my time? And now I Know it is impossible! These work worth it. Every person deserves to live. Is your life worth?

Whatever happens every day in front of the clinic, the lives saved by our presence and prayers are certainly more than you have reached.

From my deepest admiration I thank all those that reach a firm commitment to life and decide to spend throughout the year hours of their time to stay in front of abortion clinics. A time that surely can´t be better spent. Thank you.

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