Saturday, July 27, 2013

No more pressure

Yesterday, a 22 year old girl came to the office, she was pregnant and was determined to have an abortion. We did the pregnancy test to confirm that she was, indeed, pregnant, and the test was positive, her little baby was already 12 weeks.

I wanted to know why did she was so determined to have an abortion, and after a long talk, I found out there was one only reason, the pressure of her environment... She is Hindu and the neighbourhood where she lives is a very conservative one.  In India, not being married and pregnant is a disgrace for the family, and she didn’t want them to go through that.

But the truth is that she didn’t want an abortion, and even less after seeing the video of abortion and learn what it really is and means for the baby, a cruel death.

So she left undecided about what to do, either face her parents and neighbours, or kill her baby… I truly think she won’t abort her child, hopefully life will win against the pressure of her environment… tomorrow she has a date for a sonogram,  let’s pray for her and her little and innocent baby.

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