Tuesday, July 30, 2013

parents love

Today, I was at Queens when a woman came in to do an ultrasound. We showed her some pictures about babies. I could see in her face the happiness of a mother.
Despite all their circumstances a mother always loves her children. If you ask many women if they would change their life after having a baby I'm really sure that the answer is "no". A baby is God's gift that we should take care of. Everybody wants a parent's love.
I always see in all of the EMC centers how a baby improves a woman's life. They come saying that they don't want the baby or that they are not prepared and things like that. They say that because they are afraid and also because this is a responsibility that is very large. The pressure could confuse their minds but abortion is not the choice that they want.
Here we help women feel like that and empower them. We fight for everyone's happiness. With our help they start a path that changes their lives.

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