Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yesterday we went to "radio catolica" in a program called "defiende la vida". It was program retransmited worldwide so it's a fantastic opportunity for us and for the people who listened to us to take part in this war against abortion.

In this program they asked us why we were here, what's EMC, what we exactly do here and that kind of questions...

All of us, with no associaton with the college career that we study agree in one point: "life is a beautifull gift of God and nobody can decide about it, only God" Also they asked for some experiencies we have with girls, I talked about Ivanna (I haved wrote a blog before of that case) and a new case here in the office.

The other day a girl came to see us to the office, it was a really difficult case. Firslty, she was ilegal in the USA, I mean she has no american ID, and she was pregnant, "obviusly" she looked the baby like a big problem and the abortion as an alternative, but after a few minutes talking with her we convinced  her to have a sonogram and she accepted!!

We pray for the life of this baby and also for the moment that when the mum see the sonogram her opinion may change and hopefully she would prefer to keep the baby! 

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