Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saturday at 117th street

As every saturday morning a lot of pro-life people go to the abortion clinic at 117th st in Miami. This is a very famous clinic because a lot of abortions are made there every day and the owner is always at the door waiting for any chance to bother pro-life people. Last saturday was our second time there and it was very different than the first time. The first time was calm and only a few people came. That second day we were praying the rosary as always and three cars entered to the clinic and went out in five minutes. This means they couldn't abort in that little period of time so that were good news. Also, before we arrived, a woman who was about to enter stopped to talk with the people that were there and finally didn't entered. That day the owner of the clinic was very rude to us and yelled at the people who were there. She even followed one man who was with us while he was talking on his cell phone. One of the pro-choice recorded us with a video camera triying to make us be afraid and when any car went out from the clinic they stand in front of it to not let the people in the car see us. During the morning a big group of teenagers came to pray the rosary with us. It was an activity theirs parish orginece. They all were very nice and it was very rewarding to see all those people there fighting for life! This saturday we'll repeat the experience going there again.

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