Thursday, August 1, 2013


Today I went to Plan Parenthood. This abortion clinic is situated in Manhattan. It was the most productive morning I have seen since I am here. I could see a lot of women going inside to attempt an abortion. They were kind with me in most cases I tried to talk to them. They had different “excuses” to abort but there was one case that I never heard which surprised me horribly. 
 I stopped a woman and started to talk to her. I asked her why she wanted to abort and she answered me that she cannot afford the baby. So, I suggested giving that child in adoption and her words were: “I prefer to see the baby death before giving it in adoption”. Wow!
I did my best trying to persuade her of the action she was going to do but she didn´t change her thinking.
The only I was able to do was to dedicate a prayer for this unborn baby!

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